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Beginner A1. Discover your current English level by taking our free online test. Are you a beginner (CEFR level A1) learner of English? This section offers writing practice to help you write short, simple texts about known topics and fill in forms. Texts include messages, emails and forms. ...read more


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Oct 17, 2017 · IELTS Writing Task 2 essay with model answer. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic. Learning English at school is often seen as more important than learning local languages. ...read more


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Why is English Hard to Learn? ...read more


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Write excellent paragraphs with unity and coherence - useful for all English writing including essays, book reports, workplace writing, and creative writing as well. Requirements Students require a minimum low-intermediate level of English in order to understand the instructor and follow the slide commentary. ...read more


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Aug 23, 2019 · Beginner-level writing classes are challenging to teach because of the students' still-limited knowledge of the language. For a beginner-level student, you wouldn't start out with exercises such as, " write a paragraph about your family" or "write three sentences describing your best friend." ...read more


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Basics of Essay Writing includes six lessons demonstrating and practicing essential academic vocabulary and essay writing skills. It includes brief readings on communication and essay organization, a vocabulary game and crossword puzzle and practice with transition words and proofreading before students try essay writing themselves. ...read more


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May 23, 2021 · The thesaurus is a book and online tool that lists synonyms – words that have nearly the same meanings as other words.) Learn all about the format and the requirements of an essay here.The proper explanation is given with examples. ...read more


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College Writing 2.1x is an introduction to academic writing for English Language Learners, focusing on essay development, grammatical correctness, and self-editing. The five-week course includes a review of basic grammar terminology and understanding; writing effective sentences and paragraphs; introductions and conclusions; strategies for ...read more


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Learning English was not an easy thing, it was extremely difficult and complex. He had to give up a lot of play time to learn English well. He told, learning English could be divided by five categories: vocabularies, reading, writing, speaking and listening. He said he had to improve these five aspects of Learning English to improve his English ...read more


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Short Essay On Importance Of English-1 Essay On Importance Of Learning English – English is an international as well as the richest language in the world.It has great influence all over the world. It is undoubtedly true that the modern world cannot think without English. ...read more


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Aug 07, 2018 · Importance of Learning English Essay Introduction: English is an international language. It is very rich. It is important in every step of our livelihood, It is highly related to us in the globalized world. To adjust with the advancement in the world, we must learn English. Without this language, we will go backward. The position of English in the world: English is the mother langue of the English… ...read more


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Writing Skills Inventory Of English 219 991 Words | 4 Pages. semester I have been taking English 219 which is formally known as essay composition and critical reading. In this class we have focussed mainly on analytical reading, writing summaries, and writing essays. ...read more


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Step-By-Step Guide to Essay Writing ...read more


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May 17, 2020 · Write a short essay or composition on the importance of learning English in all stages of life. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”. -Gandhi. Language is a method of contact by which we can exchange our thoughts with each other. ...read more


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Essay on Why Learning English is Important - 328 Words ...read more


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English As Second Language Learning 776 Words | 4 Pages. plays a significant role in English as second language learning process. For the majority of English as Second Language(ESL) learners, the ultimate goal of learning the language is to understand (read and listen) and communicate (write and speak) with little difficulty and the lack of sufficient vocabulary may be the constraint of such ...read more


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Step-By-Step Guide to Essay Writing. Read the essay question carefully. Finish any necessary reading or research as background to the essay. Brainstorm ideas in response to the question. Develop a thesis (idea/argument) that encapsulates the response to the question. Write a plan for the response. Write … ...read more


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Advanced C1. Discover your current English level by taking our free online test. Are you an advanced (CEFR level C1) learner of English? This section offers writing practice to help you write clear, well-structured texts about complex subjects. Texts include essays, proposals, articles, reports, reviews and … ...read more


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May 16, 2021 · This essay will examine why english is important and some ways to protect local languages.Writing9 was developed to check essays from the IELTS Writing Task 2.IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes in this task. ...read more


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Nov 06, 2020 · Long and Short Essays on Importance of English Language for Students and Kids in English. We are providing students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic “Importance of English Language” for reference. Long Essay on Importance of English Language 500 Words in English. Long Essay on Importance of English Language is usually … ...read more